These are the wiki fads. To sum it up, fads are repeated, sometimes obnoxious jokes uttered by the community of the wiki.

65-year-old Cuban man

65 year old Cuban man

Crossing the border

This joke was started by KK in an episode of Life of Igor the Mii. This joke is often used when someone goes too far.



Scooby Doo yogurt with Shaggy's eyes scratched out

This quote originated from the Family Guy episode, Stewie Loves Lois. As of August 20, 2015, it's KK's trademark food.

I Was Inspired!!!

Everytime Pingy makes a rip-off page (Super Pingy Galaxy, Pingy Lukey Doo, etc.) he says he was inspired. Due to the fact that he was blatantly ripping off other things, KK, Chrome, IA, and other users started making fun of Pingy by saying "I WAS INSPIRED!!!".

Abandoning users for a fruit/pastry

This fad has been started by KK when Sophie left Chatzy for a couple of hours, making his sanity drop to the point where he said "DON'T LEAVE ME FOR A FRUIT".

The Shrek meme

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