I Was a Teenage Eric is the 27th episode of Comedy World. It first aired on Kids' WB on October 22nd, 1999.


While the boys are going out trick-or-treating, Eric is convinced he will turn into a werewolf.


  • This is the first Halloween episode.


[The episode opens at a purple-orange sky. The camera pans down to the Pearson household, and it zooms into the front door]

[Cuts to the living room. Eric is slouching on the sofa eating potato chips while playing a video game]

PC Guy: [in a skeleton costume] Eric? What the Devil are you doing?

Eric: What I do every Halloween night.

PC Guy: Are you going as yourself for Halloween? If so, I'll be scared sh-

Eric: I have a fear of turning into a werewolf every Halloween night.

PC Guy: You? Still believing in... WEREWOLVES?! [snickers]

Eric: I'm still 11. Please don't-

PC Guy: [bursts out laughing until tears emerges from his eyes] You got me there.

Eric: I'm serious.

PC Guy: So, you don't want to go trick-or-treating? Hmph. I guess that's normal for an 11 year old. [walks out of the door]

Eric: [pauses his video game and runs out of the door] Waitwaitwait! I'll go!

PC Guy: Changed your mind, eh? Go to your bedroom and change into your cowboy costume.

Eric: Okay. [laughs nervously]

PC Guy: [chuckles] Loser.

Eric: I heard that!

PC Guy: You were suposed to!

[The scene wipes to Eric's bedroom]

Eric: What did he say to change into? Dress into candy? I'll try that. [runs out of his bedroom and falls down the stairs. He lands in the kitchen and hits his head on the fridge. A bowl falls onto the ground and spills candy] Great! Now all I need is some glue.

[Cuts to the front yard]

PC Guy: It's been approximately... [looks at his watch] 15 minutes since he went to go change.

[Eric comes out with candy stuck on his red hoodie]

Eric: I'm dressed in candy. Now, let's start trick-or-treating!

PC Guy: [facepalms] You were supposed to dress in your COWBOY costume.

Eric: Oh yeah.

Narrator: 10 minutes later...

Eric: [in his cowboy costume] Here I am!

PC Guy: [sighs in relief] C'mon, let's start trick-or-treating.

[Cuts to Eric and PC Guy walking down the street]

Eric: I better enjoy this while it lasts.

PC Guy: [sighs] Sometimes I worry about you.

Eric: Really? You should be sad now.

PC Guy: You can't tell sarcasm, can you?